All About Tooth Sensitivity


Ugh. That feeling, almost like a stinging sensation in your tooth. There’s no pain, quite like sensitive teeth. As though that sharp ache isn’t enough, it can end up ruining some of our favourite foods, like hot soup or ice cream cones. While we all may experience tooth sensitivity from time to time, sensitivity [...]

All About Tooth Sensitivity2024-06-27T11:59:10-04:00

Signs you may Need a Root Canal


Do you shy away when you hear the term “root canal”? It’s ok if you do, it’s not like they have a reputation for being enjoyable. They can, unfortunately, be a part of life, especially if you have a history of cavities and plaque buildup, or have experienced an injury to the mouth such [...]

Signs you may Need a Root Canal2024-06-27T11:35:21-04:00

Here Are Reasons To Consider Veneers


Sometimes the smallest imperfection in your smile can discourage you significantly. It’s understandable, your smile is one of the first things someone notices about you. It’s a memorable feature and impacts the way the world perceives you. Not being able to show off your smile every time you want to, can lower your confidence [...]

Here Are Reasons To Consider Veneers2024-06-27T06:01:41-04:00
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