Signs That You May Require a Root Canal Treatment


Millions of Canadians receive root canal treatments every year to repair and protect a damaged tooth. Root canals involve the removal of decay from a tooth, which, if left untreated, can result in intense discomfort, infection and inflammation. Root canals prevent an infected tooth from re-infection; however, it doesn’t improve durability, which is why it’s [...]

Signs That You May Require a Root Canal Treatment2020-11-30T16:19:58-05:00

3 Reasons to Brush Your Tongue


Oral hygiene is critically important to your overall health and wellbeing. Brushing and flossing are imperative because it eradicates bacteria that live inside of your mouth. Because most oral bacteria live on your tongue, it needs to be cleaned on a routine basis. […]

3 Reasons to Brush Your Tongue2020-11-30T14:48:26-05:00

3 Important Reasons to Floss Daily


Flossing is important for both our oral health and our overall health. Unfortunately, many dental patients don’t take it seriously enough, resulting in health complications down the road. A big reason why a lot of patients neglect flossing is that they don’t do it enough! They’re afraid of pain and bleeding; [...]

3 Important Reasons to Floss Daily2020-10-16T10:30:22-04:00

How to Prevent and Reduce Tooth Sensitivity


Tooth sensitivity is an oral health issue that can cause severe discomfort for both children and adults. Tooth sensitivity is most experienced when a person drinks a hot or cold beverage or eats an acidic or sugary food. Other people will experience tooth sensitivity when they breathe in cool or [...]

How to Prevent and Reduce Tooth Sensitivity2020-11-30T14:49:26-05:00

3 Best Ways to Prevent Cavities


We all understand basic oral hygiene practices – we’re taught from an early age about the importance of brushing and flossing daily. However, as easy as it all may seem, life can get very busy, and it can be tough to provide yourself with adequate oral health care on a [...]

3 Best Ways to Prevent Cavities2020-11-30T14:50:39-05:00

4 Reasons You Should Consider the Invisalign Procedure


So much of your self-confidence stems from your smile, and if you’re unhappy with the appearance of your smile, you may actively look for ways to shield your smile from the general public, or even friends and family. Individuals that have struggled with a crooked smile or a misaligned bite understand just how frustrating it [...]

4 Reasons You Should Consider the Invisalign Procedure2020-01-23T11:42:13-05:00

How to Handle A Dental Emergency


Accidents will happen, and while most are avoidable, some things are just out of your control. If you were to trip and scrape your knee, you would apply an anti-biotic and sterilize gauze to ensure no bacterial infection forms; however, would you know what to do if you or someone you knew suffered a serious [...]

How to Handle A Dental Emergency2019-11-25T12:16:12-05:00

What X-Rays See and Why They’re Important for Your Oral Health


Dentists are faced with a minor disadvantage when it comes to what they can see, with their own eyes, within a patient’s mouth. Thankfully, dental technology has become so advanced in the last couple of decades that dentists now have the complete ability to analyze the structure of a patients mouth, [...]

What X-Rays See and Why They’re Important for Your Oral Health2019-08-28T15:35:28-04:00
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