Teeth whitening procedures overseen by your family dentist are an impressive and practical treatment that deliver incredible results for those looking to improve the vibrancy of their smile and increase their self-esteem and self-confidence. Over-the-counter whitening trays & strips are an expensive alternative that delivers less-than-favourable results. If you are an adult that suffers from tooth discolouration, professional teeth whitening may be right for you.


What Is Tooth Discolouration?


Tooth discolouration occurs for a variety of reasons. Many of your everyday life choices can impact the colour of your teeth, including your diet. The enamel on your teeth begins to deteriorate as we age, which will accentuate the dentin in your teeth. Visible dentin will impact the colour of your teeth and make it appear as though you have yellowish stains. Your oral hygiene is also paramount in sustaining your teeth’s vibrancy. Here are some primary factors that contribute to teeth discolouration:


  • Excessive smoking and tobacco use (i.e. smoking cigarettes/cigars, chewing tobacco, etc.)
  • Physical damage (i.e. broken tooth, fractured roots, tooth intrusion, etc.)
  • Drinking excessive amounts of coffee & dark soda
  • Poor oral hygiene (i.e. neglecting brushing & flossing, a build-up of plaque, etc.)


Why You Should Go with Professional Whitening Treatments:


Over-the-counter whitening trays/strips work to remove basic surface stains from your teeth, but they do a lacklustre job tackling deep stains, so while your teeth may appear whiter, they may still bear a deeper discolouration. As soon as you stop using over-the-counter products, you will notice the discolouration is still present. These products also use an abundance of bleaching agents to help remove surface stains which tend to irritate the gums more than professional treatments would.


Many individuals seeking teeth whitening treatments are turned off by the idea that they may experience sensitivity and discomfort, but with specialized whitening treatments, you will enjoy white teeth without having to endure any pain. The gel used in specialized treatments is quite thick which prevents it from being submerged into your enamel. The use of desensitizing agents, including fluoride, helps eliminate any possibility of damage to the tissue inside of your mouth.


Whitening services performed by your dentist are done with maximum precision to ensure that the whitening treatments doesn’t induce further oral concerns. Those that use whitening strips/trays on their own, without dental consultation, risk pain and discomfort if they unknowingly have a receding gum line. Your dentist will never initiate whitening services if they recognize issues such as a receding gum line or exposed tooth roots. Your dentist will also ensure that your enamel is strong enough to begin treatment and will verify that you are not allergic to any chemicals within the whitening substance.


Professional whitening services work fast! You can begin seeing noticeable results within a few days of starting treatment. The whiteness in your smile will flourish, and you will undoubtedly notice an increase in positivity, your self-confidence and your self-esteem. You deserve a beautiful, bright smile, consider professional whitening services today.