Making routine visits to the dentist is imperative if you wish to establish excellent oral health. Dental cleanings are essential; although you may floss and brush your teeth daily, there is still a possibility that you could have an unaddressed oral concern (i.e. cavity, receding gum line, tooth decay, etc.) that would only be noticed in a thorough dental examination. Here are few things to consider when preparing to visit the dentist for a checkup:

Double-Check Your Appointment Date & Time

There is nothing worse than showing up to your appointment an hour early or later than you should have because you were given the incorrect information, or you accidentally wrote down the wrong time. If you don’t receive a call the day before your appointment to remind you about your check-up, call the dental office and double-check you have the correct time and date.

New Patients: Provide Dental History

Whether it be for personal reasons, or for the sake of relocating to a different city, people visit new dentists all the time. If you are visiting a new dentist for the first time, it is imperative to transfer over dental records from your previous dentist, so that your new dentist has a fundamental understanding about your oral health and what they should expect during a dental checkup.

Brush Your Teeth/ Floss Ahead of Time

Your dentist will know how frequently you brush and floss your teeth based on how sensitive your gums are and if you have any cavities or signs of decay. Although there is very little that you can change before visiting your dentist, it will help them make accurate assessments about your oral health if you brush and floss before your visit.

Don’t Be Afraid to Tell Them What’s Bothering You

Your dentist will examine the entirety of your mouth and should they notice any inconsistencies, they may look deeper and see if there are much larger issues with your oral health. However, if something inside of your mouth is bothering you including, your lips, cheeks, tongue, tonsils or gums, let them know as soon as possible. Many patients are afraid of speaking up about ailments that are bothering them because they don’t want to burden the dentist or they don’t think their concerns are valid; speak up, and your dentist will make a proper evaluation and do everything they can to provide pain-free care.

Avoid Coffee/Energy Drinks Before Your Trip

It can be especially challenging to visit the dentist in the morning without a caffeinated pick-me-up. We commonly advise patients to refrain from drinking coffee or any energy drinks before sitting in the dentist’s chair. Dentist appointments can span from 30 mins- 1 hour in length, depending on individual factors, and becoming jittery from caffeine can make it hard for your dentist to provide you with adequate care.

If You Deal with Dental Anxiety, Let Us Know

Dental anxiety is tremendously common, and it is nothing to be ashamed of. If you inform your dentist about your dental anxiety, they will do all they can to make the necessary accommodations so you can receive adequate dental work. Oral sedation is a popular resource for individuals with dental anxieties and phobias; speak to your dentist about available options to ensure your precious teeth are being looked after.