So much of your self-confidence stems from your smile, and if you’re unhappy with the appearance of your smile, you may actively look for ways to shield your smile from the general public, or even friends and family. Individuals that have struggled with a crooked smile or a misaligned bite understand just how frustrating it can be. Thanks to modern dental technology, people now have a plausible solution to correcting a misaligned bite, and that’s why so many are now turning to Invisalign. If you’ve been looking for corrective action but did not know which treatment to consider, here are four reasons why you should think about investing in Invisalign treatments.

Non-Noticeable Procedure

Traditionally, when people needed help for misaligned teeth, they turned to braces for a long-term solution. Braces are commonly used by pre-teens and teenagers looking for corrective action, and it’s uncommon to see adults (18+) use braces to fix their smile. Choosing Invisalign as a solution is important for a lot of people because it’s unintrusive and hidden from the general public. This is a popular choice for individuals that are responsible for speaking in front of other people (i.e. presenters, teachers, salespeople, etc.)

Shockingly Comfortable

Braces tend to cause issues within your mouth, and although they’re still a good long-term investment, they can be frustrating to take care of after a while. Brackets coming loose and wires poking at the inside of your cheeks can be very infuriating and considerably painful, especially when it causes canker sores and bleeding. Invisalign is designed to keep the client comfortable, as they are plastic trays in which you can remove from your mouth when it’s time to eat.

See Results Quicker

The Invisalign treatment plan works slightly different than traditional braces treatments do. You will need to swap out your old teeth trays for new ones in interval sessions, as stated by your family dentist. The intervals are important in ensuring that you see results in a quicker timeframe.

The reason we are determined to get individuals with misaligned teeth to consider Invisalign treatments is that we believe all people deserve to feel good and confident about their physical appearance. Laughing and smiling are human needs and play a massive role in shaping our physical and mental state. Whether you’re going on a first date, attending an important job interview, or presenting a TED talk in front of thousands of people, you’ll never have to hide your smile after you’re done with Invisalign treatments.

Invisalign has made it easier than ever to attain straight teeth in an unobtrusive, comfortable, quick and confident way! For more information, contact Tooth Harmony today!