All About Teeth Whitening


You should be proud of your smile, it is after all, one of the first things others notice when looking at you. That feeling that you get when you make a good impression is a wonderful boost of self-confidence. In fact, your smile is so influential, that a survey by the American Academy of [...]

All About Teeth Whitening2024-06-27T11:48:39-04:00

3 Reasons to Brush Your Tongue


Oral hygiene is critically important to your overall health and wellbeing. Brushing and flossing are imperative because it eradicates bacteria that live inside of your mouth. Because most oral bacteria live on your tongue, it needs to be cleaned on a routine basis. […]

3 Reasons to Brush Your Tongue2024-06-26T16:43:22-04:00

3 Important Reasons to Floss Daily


Flossing is important for both our oral health and our overall health. Unfortunately, many dental patients don’t take it seriously enough, resulting in health complications down the road. A big reason why a lot of patients neglect flossing is that they don’t do it enough! They’re afraid of pain and [...]

3 Important Reasons to Floss Daily2024-06-26T16:37:25-04:00
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