Why are Dental X Rays Important?


Getting x-rays is nothing to worry about. Also known as radiographs, they allow your dentist to see inside your teeth. Viewing the whole tooth this way, including the roots, jaw, and facial bone composition makes it easier for your dentist to find and treat problems before they worsen. This article helps explain dental x-rays [...]

Why are Dental X Rays Important?2024-06-27T11:55:01-04:00

Signs That You May Require a Root Canal Treatment


Millions of Canadians receive root canal treatments every year to repair and protect a damaged tooth. Root canals involve the removal of decay from a tooth, which, if left untreated, can result in intense discomfort, infection and inflammation. Root canals prevent an infected tooth from re-infection; however, it doesn’t improve [...]

Signs That You May Require a Root Canal Treatment2024-06-26T17:02:06-04:00
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