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Signs Your Wisdom Teeth Need To Be Removed


Wisdom teeth are an unfortunate reality most of us have to deal with at some point; usually in our late teens or early twenties. If they do start growing in, it’s not nearly as fun as being a kid and watching your permanent teeth grow in. That’s because wisdom teeth form after permanent teeth, [...]

Signs Your Wisdom Teeth Need To Be Removed2024-06-27T12:27:36-04:00

Why Is Wisdom Teeth Extraction Important?


Wisdom teeth grow in much later than permanent teeth, often between 16-25 years. That means there isn’t much room left in the mouth for them. This causes the wisdom teeth to become impacted in the gums and bone. Bacteria traps start to form leading to infections. Bone loss at the back of the mouth [...]

Why Is Wisdom Teeth Extraction Important?2024-06-27T05:52:24-04:00
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