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All About Tooth Sensitivity


Ugh. That feeling, almost like a stinging sensation in your tooth. There’s no pain, quite like sensitive teeth. As though that sharp ache isn’t enough, it can end up ruining some of our favourite foods, like hot soup or ice cream cones. While we all may experience tooth sensitivity from time to time, sensitivity [...]

All About Tooth Sensitivity2024-06-27T11:59:10-04:00

5 Ways You Can Reduce Pain Linked with Sensitive Teeth


For anyone that has sensitive teeth, they know how difficult it can be to consume hot drinks like coffee or tea, eat frozen foods like popsicles or ice cream, clench your teeth together, or even breathe in cool air. If the pain is lingering or you have been experiencing severe [...]

5 Ways You Can Reduce Pain Linked with Sensitive Teeth2024-06-26T13:04:38-04:00
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