Oral Cancer: Fact or Fiction


Oncology specialists expect about 5,400 Canadians to be diagnosed with oral cavity cancer by the end of this year. About two-thirds of those patients are expected to survive. Those numbers could be much higher though, as most oral cancers are curable if detected early. That’s why we’re hoping to raise awareness and help as [...]

Oral Cancer: Fact or Fiction2024-06-27T12:44:04-04:00

Signs you may Need a Root Canal


Do you shy away when you hear the term “root canal”? It’s ok if you do, it’s not like they have a reputation for being enjoyable. They can, unfortunately, be a part of life, especially if you have a history of cavities and plaque buildup, or have experienced an injury to the mouth such [...]

Signs you may Need a Root Canal2024-06-27T11:35:21-04:00

The Different Types of Dentures


A missing tooth is not something to smile about. Not only do we feel less confident with an incomplete smile, but the physical gap can lead to bone loss in the mouth and eventually your other teeth will start to shift. A few options are available to replace missing teeth, such as dentures, a [...]

The Different Types of Dentures2024-06-27T11:06:29-04:00

How Diabetes Can Affect Your Oral Health


We’re all susceptible to tooth decay and other oral health problems, those with diabetes, however, face a greater risk for complications. About one-third of Canadians are already living with diabetes or are prediabetic but those numbers are expected to continue rising over the next few years. Diabetes Canada researchers are warning that millennials and [...]

How Diabetes Can Affect Your Oral Health2024-06-27T10:09:09-04:00

Why Is Wisdom Teeth Extraction Important?


Wisdom teeth grow in much later than permanent teeth, often between 16-25 years. That means there isn’t much room left in the mouth for them. This causes the wisdom teeth to become impacted in the gums and bone. Bacteria traps start to form leading to infections. Bone loss at the back of the mouth [...]

Why Is Wisdom Teeth Extraction Important?2024-06-27T05:52:24-04:00

3 Important Reasons to Floss Daily


Flossing is important for both our oral health and our overall health. Unfortunately, many dental patients don’t take it seriously enough, resulting in health complications down the road. A big reason why a lot of patients neglect flossing is that they don’t do it enough! They’re afraid of pain and [...]

3 Important Reasons to Floss Daily2024-06-26T16:37:25-04:00

What X-Rays See and Why They’re Important for Your Oral Health


Dentists are faced with a minor disadvantage when it comes to what they can see, with their own eyes, within a patient’s mouth. Thankfully, dental technology has become so advanced in the last couple of decades that dentists now have the complete ability to analyze the structure of a patients [...]

What X-Rays See and Why They’re Important for Your Oral Health2024-06-26T13:36:32-04:00
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