Reclaim Your Smile: The Transformative Power of Dental Implants


Are you longing to reclaim your confidence, speak effortlessly, and enjoy all kinds of foods? Have you been wearing the same dentures for over a decade or fear the consequences of tooth loss? Then, undoubtedly, dental implants are the solution you need. At Tooth Harmony, our professional dentists specialize in dental implants – permanent [...]

Reclaim Your Smile: The Transformative Power of Dental Implants2024-06-27T13:26:17-04:00

Why are Dental X Rays Important?


Getting x-rays is nothing to worry about. Also known as radiographs, they allow your dentist to see inside your teeth. Viewing the whole tooth this way, including the roots, jaw, and facial bone composition makes it easier for your dentist to find and treat problems before they worsen. This article helps explain dental x-rays [...]

Why are Dental X Rays Important?2024-06-27T11:55:01-04:00

The Different Types of Dentures


A missing tooth is not something to smile about. Not only do we feel less confident with an incomplete smile, but the physical gap can lead to bone loss in the mouth and eventually your other teeth will start to shift. A few options are available to replace missing teeth, such as dentures, a [...]

The Different Types of Dentures2024-06-27T11:06:29-04:00
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